Reiki, Chakra and Aura Energy Healing

Reiki + Chakra and Aura Healing

Reiki Symbol

Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing. The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words: Rei = universal or spiritual. Ki = energy or life force. It is a powerful healing technique that balances the energy systems of the body.

Reiki works on the physical body, the Chakras and Aura. It grounds and protects. It balances mental and emotional energy and reduces emotional distress. Reiki increases the flow of love and harmony. It heals past issues, past life issues and family of origin issues. It is pure and gentle.

The body has seven Chakras and seven levels of the Aura. The Chakras must be open and spinning clockwise and the levels of the Aura must be clear and protected from negative energy to experience optimum health and well being. By channeling pure, loving energy healing from her Healing Guides, Saralee transmits Reiki energy, clears out any blocks in the Chakras and levels of the Aura and sets a golden layer of protection around the Aura. 

Saralee provides energy healing in Bellingham, or over time and space to anywhere, and can heal adults, children and animals. 

Sacred Chant


Music is a very important part of Saralee's healing process. She uses her pendulum to select a CD of sacred chants to play during the healing sessions. Listening to chants sung in Sanskrit is healing in itself, because the syllables resonate in and purify the Chakras. She may also use a sound healing pipe, essential oils, crystals or other alternative healing techniques.

The life force energy that is channeled through Saralee comes from Spirit/God/Source. It can NEVER do harm, and is guided by her Healing Guides to go where it is needed on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels for the highest good of her clients. 

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